Every Church Member that is Charismatic or Pentecostal has roots that stem from The Azusa Street Revival!

Share with your children and grandchildren - The rich spiritual legacy we have with our Living God - Who we are - Why we pray like we pray - Why we worship like we worship!
Hosted by Tim Storey & Leon Isaac Kennedy

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Revisiting the Azusa Street Revival -- The Story That Was Never Told!

Ordinary people called by God to do extraordinary things!

These stories take you on location / to the famous Bonnie Brae home where it all began!

To where the Azusa Mission once stood -- and to Seymour’s final resting place.

Vintage news clips, artifacts, pictures and diaries -- take you into the hearts and prayer life of these ordinary people -- who God touched to do extraordinary things!

Learn the secrets of tapping in!

You too can learn how they were taught by God to worship -- and pray -- in such a way -- to cause life changing impacts!

Church Scholars term it the greatest outpouring of God in the 20th Century!

How could such an important work of God -- be almost forgotten?

Why was the true story never fully documented or told?

The full story -- the true story.

“Revisiting The Azusa Street Revival.”

“The Untold Story!”

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From Tragedy to Triumph
To Obscurity
The Story That Must Be Told!

A must viewing for every Christian Leader.
Most have never heard of William Seymour, yet prestigious Yale Church Historian, Sydney Ahlstrom, remarks, “Seymour exerted a greater influence upon American Christianity than any other Black leader.”

Within one year not only the United States, but fifty other nations were touched as 312 Azusa Street became one of the most famous addresses in the world!

Seymour dared to follow God, and became the Catalyst that helped change the world!

Yet, in less than 20 years, Seymour was dead!

He died, some say of a broken heart, impoverished and in obscurity!

How? Why?

God’s Anointed Hand-Maidens
The Forgotten Legacy!
The year was 1906, more than a full decade before the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

Yet at the Azusa Street Mission these women had shared participation and leadership responsibilities, not because it was politically correct -- but because they were anointed to do so!

A core group of women -- “God’s anointed hand-maidens” -- that literally helped pray in The Spiritual Revival, that shook the world!

“If the truth be told, these women helped to get the future leaders ‘filled and taught’.” Dr. Estrelda Alexander

“These women were absolutely essential to the Revival. It would have been a different Revival without them.” Dr. Vinson Synan

Yet in now over 100 years, no one has honored their names – their sacrifices – their great contributions.

We dare to correct the history!

And tell their story!

The Forgotten Legacy!

The Women of Azusa Street!

Historical Significance

Over two years of research on our part plus the contributions, from the Manuscripts, Theses and Doctorials of Church Scholars all add to the Impact and Historical significance of these documentaries.
Leading Church Historians
Listen as today’s outstanding Church Leaders, Presiding Bishop of Church of God In Christ, Bishop GE Patterson, Dr. Morris Cerullo, Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux, Bishop Charles E. Blake, Pastor Paula White, Reverend Billy Wilson, Dr. Oral Roberts, and many others, plus Leading Church Historians such as Dr. Vinson Synan, Dr. Cecil M. Robeck, Jr., Dr. Estrelda Alexander, Dr. Leonard Lovett, Dr. Jesse Miranda, and others relate how this outpouring swept throughout the world and has now encompassed over 600 million people!

Imagine the quality and entertainment value of a multi million dollar Ken Burns PBS documentary on the Civil War, or Baseball. (Award winning documentaries.)

We are supplying the same quality, professionalism and excitement in this modern day God story that deserves to be told and celebrated.

Over 60 minutes of new footage and interviews - revisiting the full and true story of the great AZUSA STREET REVIVAL.

Over 60 minutes devoted to exploring the triumphs and heartbreaks of the heretofore forgotten William Seymour.

Over 60 minutes to explore the story and honor the lives of "God’s Anointed Hand-Maidens", THE WOMEN OF AZUSA STREET.

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